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At Rucsan, we help you improve your website viewing experience. Focusing on the latest trends, we incorporate responsive designing services.

Responsive Mobile Website Design

We create a responsive website design for all types of mobile devices. The website we build helps to place the maximum content within the layout design that creates easy usability and greater user experience. We make sure that the information about the products or services are visible to the viewers and have better access and navigate on any mobile device. SEO friendly mobile website helps to rank well on search engines. Accordingly, we build the website without flash. The site with proper layout design, view port meta tag, appropriate font, styling, and website optimisation will create a mobile-friendly site.



The mobile website we create is accessible and usable for all mobile users. Below are the key points that will make your website successful:

Home page and site navigation

We build a user-friendly home page and site navigation. We make the tasks like a call to action available through the menu and within the centre of the screen such that customer can be able to perform the work without scrolling up and down. We keep the list short and well organised and ensure that users can go back to the home page when they click the logo on the top left of the mobile page. We don't use interstitials that display full-page promotions and gives a negative impact on the website search rankings.

Site search

We ensure that the search boxes are visible across all the pages. We provide site searches results are visible, relevant, and filters have narrow results. The guidance option in the search results to ensure that users or customers get the most relevant results.

Conversion and e-commerce

The website developed by us would provide maximum convenience to the viewers and increase the chances of them to become the potential customers. We provide click to call links that enable customers to make a call and improve conversion rates. Share items on the website will help the users to share the details on social media that helps to finish the task from other devices.

Form Entry

We provide appropriate input with the advantage of autofill that helps users to pre-populate the data. We minimise the errors of the form with labelling and validate the information in real time.


Why Rucsan for Web designing?

We delight mobile users with the following factors and improve the user experience:

Website Layout

We optimize the entire website which is compatible with all the mobile devices. Utilization of responsive layout that gets altered as per the capabilities of the user devices.

Expandable images

The images of the website that we create will have the expandable options which help the user to zoom in and zoom out to clearly see the product details before they could buy it.


User Location

Depending upon the user gestures, we build a site that requests for user location that helps the user to search for the product and service in their area. In the website, we also provide the locations where the products are available or serviced, "Find Near Me", helps you to identify the location of the user.

Sites styling

We build sites that are comfortable scrolling and use tools to apply style for different devices. Vertical scrolling site is user-friendly sites and avoids largely fixed width elements which helps to rank higher in search engines.

Engage Users in a single browser

We engage the customer to navigate the website within the single browser and avoid multiple windows launch. Based on the products and services we update the coupon details which helps the user to engage on your website.

Client Experience

With our services, we offer exceptional customer experience and make the website appear on all types of mobile devices. We help you to stay ahead of the competitors by improving your customer experience.


We understand your goals, audience and find out the best opportunities. Get your own website designed which will engage your audience & improve credibility.

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Why Rucsan for Web designing?

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