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New channels and platforms emerge daily, and mobile is taking a strong lead. Your customers live in a mobile-first world. Rucsan helps you to reach your customers as comfortable as they look. Our mobile commerce platform is flexible and scalable for today's demanding m-commerce applications.

Mobile Marketing Services

With the technology advancing at a faster rate, the world and consumer’s needs seem to be just a touch away. This is without a doubt being paved by relentless reinvention to make sales consumable by handheld devices mostly like mobile phones and tablets – which essentially describes what mobile e-commerce is. Keeping because of the current dynamic trends we offer to not only develop but also deliver the best of the mobile-centric applications that supports e-Commerce model facilitating the end users to access your business.

Why Mobile e-Commerce Applications are necessary for your business

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Anywhere and anytime easy access to your business.

Easy for the end users to track down their sales, which earns more trust from the end-users

Mobile Applications ensure faster and smoother browsing experience.

They have an extra layer of security, given that users tend to have various means to lock phones.

End users can be quickly notified for new features and plan that you introduce in your business.

Users tend to spend more time on handheld devices rather than laptops or desktops, which implies mobile applications are necessary.

So in the wake of above, we follow a revise and revisit procedure to ensure, we develop mobile-centric applications that cater to your business needs. Below steps summarises the approach:

Why Rucsan Mobile e-Commerce Solutions

Requirement gathering

We discuss with our clients, to understand their business models, their values, and the time frame within which the application needs to be delivered.


Requirement Analysis

Based on the inputs we receive, we identify and define the goals that the application needs to accomplish and then determine the software requirements, platforms and devices that will support the application.

Interface Designing

From there we move on to design the interface to identify the flow and flaws. We rectify the flaws if any, and re-design to incorporate the changes.

Prototype Development

Once the interface is ready, we develop a prototype. We then test the prototype, talk to the clients to see if any changes are needed. In case if changes are required, we incorporate the changes needed and continue to build the full scale secured application.

Application testing

Once the application is ready, we thoroughly test the application on the platforms on which it will be deployed.

Apart from application testing, user readiness test is also done to identify and fix any user experience related issues.

Application Demo

Once we sense that the application is ready, we demo the app to clients to ensure we have met the expectations.

Once the client is satisfied with the result, we hand over the application to the client, with an assurance that we are just a phone call away to either enhance or rectify the applications according to the needs that arise.

Using the above client-centric approach to build our Mobile e-Commerce applications, we not only root for your success but also hope your business grows by leaps and bounds by using our applications that can help you keep in touch with your end-users, with just a bit.


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