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We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment for your audience to help advertise their products and services in order to engage new customers effectively.

Email Marketing

The email marketing hasn’t perished, it is one the most cost effective way of promoting your brand through emails. Our team of experts will help you to improve your lead generation through email marketing by sending personalised messages to promote the content and drive brand awareness. The first mass email was sent out in 1978 by Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation to four hundred clients, and it is claimed that it resulted in $13 million worth of sales.

We help you drive customer engagement and achieve business goals with our email marketing campaigns.  We offer robust and straightforward segmentation, flexible and actionable analytics all powered by a leading email marketing service.

Following are the reason why email marketing is essential for your business:

Plays important role in converting people into prospects, members or subscribers.

Email marketing is easy, affordable and effective which targets large audience.

It can be personalised and customised according to the segmentation.

The email marketing can be made transactional by nature and can be used to drive traffic to the website directly.

The measurable metrics like open rate, click through rate, bounce rate helps to improve the effectiveness of the email marketing.

Email marketing strategies are very important for any business. We plan, develop and execute the email marketing strategies which suits your business needs and provides you good return on investments. The following email marketing strategies are implemented to reach the right audience:

Message Personalisation

Consumers demand and expect relevant & personalized content. To meet those demands we create personalized message, Wherein we address the customer's name or personalise the message with products which the customer might like. We do a deep analysis on the behavorial data of the customers we identify how they are getting engaged.  Based on the research we customize each campaigns we create.

Email Automation

We automate the personalised emails for your business based on the user behaviour and send out trigger based emails. Using our automation we segment the audience, market across channels and also easily target the right audience with personalized messages. Our right solution helps to bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams and turn the focus from your process to your customers.

Testing, email design and button

Testing helps to increase marketing performance by taking a practical decision and implement it on the emails. We implement short and catchy subject lines which allow outperforming and generating revenue. We do A/B testing and see which performs well and based on the performance as this would also increase the open and click-through rates of the campaign.

Audience segmentation

We analyze the email database and do segmentation and ensure that we target to the right audience. Our segmentation includes demographic, survey or quiz, email engagement, geographic area, past purchase, etc. Our Demographic data like age, gender, company position and income level.


Mobile friendly emails

With the increasing number of mobile users we create email campaigns which are optimized for mobile as they generate a lot of revenue. We implement responsive email design wherein the user experience is optimised regardless of the device.


Integrating Social Media Channels

Social media plays a vital role in email marketing. This is one of the platforms where you will be able to generate quality leads and convert them to sales. We help you build your email marketing list with the help of top social media channels as well strengthen your brand. Proper integration of social media icons on email or newsletter campaigns are done before it goes live.

Why Rucsan for Email marketing?

Rucsan helps in implementing high-impact email marketing campaigns. We handle everything starting with individually tailored content till end-to-end email campaign and programmer management.

Help you to Save time with Flexible Workflow

We use simple and user-friendly interface to build your email marketing campaigns and make it run successfully.

Expertise in providing proper Segment and Personalize to Foster Engagement

We specialize in creating and sending targeted, relevant mail. Based on the customer data we create dynamic segments.

Our Professionals help to Test, Learn, and Drive Stronger Results

We do A/B testing by creating different versions of subject lines, images, links, copy, placement and more.

We gain Insight With Actionable, Real-time Analytics

  • We help in evaluating your campaign performance with our intuitive reports. We optimize engagement and demonstrating results. We track sends, delivery rates, bounces, spam reports, link clicks, opens and unsubscribes.
  • We measure engagement across devices, geography, platforms, ISPs, inbox providers and more.

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Each campaign would be assigned to our professional managers.

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Branded Email Templates

We have multiple branded templates which suit your business and can be used again and again.

We handle everything starting with individually tailored content till end-to-end email campaign and programmer management.

Increase your online presence and reach your customers wide by choosing our email marketing services. Our award-winning formula combines strategy, implementation and tracking.


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