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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing comprises of Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing.

Paid Search Marketing helps to bring traffic into your website. The paid search marketing can be implemented in a shorter time. However, Search engine like Google look at various parameters such as Click through rates, Landing page and other important parameters. It all depends on mastering the Quality Score. Rucsan Technologies has experts who can deal with the Paid Search Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is a long-term process. It is a pull Strategy. Statistics say that 80% of the people don’t go beyond the 2nd page in the search result pages. Hence it is important for brands to stay on top for various keywords across all search engines. Brands need to have quality content, a good link building strategy, a user friendly website, and must be accepted by Google and W3C Standards. By having an excellent page rank, there will be more quality traffic into your website and there will be increase in sales if you run an ecommerce store or there will be an increase in brand awareness. Digital Marketing requires a proper planning based on the objective defined by the entrepreneur.

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